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Brief Intro


Welcome!  I’m very glad you’ve found your way to my blog.  A note on where the title comes from – it’s a quote from Perelandra by C.S. Lewis, in which he was describing a sense of longing…

The cord of longing which drew him to the invisible isle seemed to him at that moment to have been fastened long, long before his coming to Perelandra, long before the earliest times that memory could recover in his childhood, before birth, before the birth of man himself, before the origins of time.  It was sharp, sweet, wild and holy, all in one…

~ C.S. Lewis, Perelandra, ch. 8

That combination of senses with the wonders evoked by the words “wild and holy,” well, that stirred a longing in me that I’ve sought to taste all my days.

I pray that you’ll find things here on this blog that are cheering, thought-provoking, and encouraging.  You may find out more about me – the “data” I suppose – under the “About” section.  Again, thanks for stopping by, and may you find all you seek in the One who knows you and loves you best!

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