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To my gay friends….

Appreciated reading this man’s perspective today….

Walls Down Ministry

Music for this post: “This Love” by Housefires

I’ve often sat and wondered what I would say to some of you now that my life has taken a markedly different direction. I know some of you probably wondered what happened to the guy you used to go out and party with. All of a sudden, I went from clubbing, dating, and drinking, to none of that. Even more than that, I gave up everything I knew, left town, and started studying the Bible. Pretty dramatic I suppose.
I know it probably didn’t make sense looking at it on the outside. I know some of you had thought that I had caved to the pressure of straight society, that I would be back, and eventually just accept the fact that I was gay. And that was understandable to many of you. I was 19 after all and there probably isn’t a…

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