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Falling Through the Cracks of Same-Sex & Traditional Marriage

Excellent post…it resonates with my experience as a single woman.

The Soul of a Sparrow

“Loneliness is the greatest plague of our generation. The fight for gay-marriage is simply a response to it. Church, we are doing something wrong in our approach. Until we can be a nest of intimate friendships and a holistic community for the lonely, estranged, and non-married, a traditional sexual ethic will never be attractive.”

I wrote that last week in a bit of frustration over the responses I’ve been reading about the recent SCOTUS ruling, and I wanted to follow-up on explicitly what I meant by those words. Hopefully this post will explain a bit of my frustration from both sides’ responses, and maybe this post will offer a little hope of something better.

If you haven’t been able to notice by now, if you know me or read this blog, I talk about loneliness and isolation a lot. Not just because I deal with both, but because I’m beginning to recognize like Henri…

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One thought on “Falling Through the Cracks of Same-Sex & Traditional Marriage

  1. For many, many years I have said, taught and proclaimed – that if the Body of Christ would love others as we are meant to – many people would be spared falling prey to sexual sins. I, too, was single and single ‘again’ (& a single parent) for many years. It is natural for mankind to desire and need ‘touch/affection’: to give it and receive it. The Church is meant to be a place where that need can be met in a godly, healthy and satisfying way! It is astounding how much a healthy touch or a godly/brotherly/sisterly hug can minister ‘life & encouragement’ to a person!! We need God’s love; His discernment; His direction & affection for one another! If those of us in The Body of Christ would, in fact and in act BE HIS ARMS AND LEGS – HIS HEART AND HIS MIND (His BODY) in this dark and hurting world as we are meant to be- and see that those ‘legitimate needs’ are met in ‘legitimate ways’ (healthy/ godly ways) then many would not be going elsewhere to have those needs met in ungodly and unhealthy ways!! 

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